Shlpa Sayura 2.0 Planning Workshop Held at ICTA

18th March 2008

Shilpa Sayura 2.0 Planning Workshop held at ICTA with the participation of Key stake holders, Shilpa Sayura Sayura 2.0 Social Enterprise was announced. The i4D and Stockholm Challenge GK3 Award Winner Shilpa Sayura Project was a pilot Local Language e Learning initiative by e fusion, funded by ICTA e-SDI.

Shilpa Sayura 2.0 workshop was intended to obtain ideas of the stakeholders to plan the future of successfully completed pilot.
Among the participants of the workshop were Nenasala (Tele Center) Operators, ICTA - eSDI Programme Head Chitrangani Mubharak, e-SDI Process Consultant Jaliya Jayawardhana, ICTA e-SDI Project Manager Shyamini Fernando, e-Society Focus Group Chair ICT4DEV expert Rajive Ranjan, Microimage Managing Director Harsha Purage, Ceylon Chamber SME Project Manager Jayantha Abeyratna, Shilpa Sayura Project Director Niranjan Meegammana, Technical Director Gamini Chamara, Content Expert Subash Dhananjaya, ICTA Content Manager Sriyananda and ICTA Internship Graduate Shashini.

Power Point Presentation on Shilpa Sayura 2.0 ShilpaSayura2.ppt

The workshop started with the presentations made by Nenasala Operators. Eranda Sampath form Kandiyapitawewa Nenasala, who also won the Shilpa Sayura Nenasala Special Award, said “300 students share four computers in our Nenasala to use Shilpa Sayura. It became a great resource for students who do not have enough teachers in four schools around 8 villages. The students can’t go for tuition as the nearest cities are 35 and 40 kilometers far either side. When it rains total transportation get stopped, people had to wait till flood reduces to go back home. Having Shilpa Sayura in Nenasala has improved education in our village, we thank all of you for that.”

Sudheera Sanjaya from Embilipitiya Nenasala said that “Shilpa Sayura has helped us to become most popular English teaching institute in the city. The students, who used Shilpa Sayura for their O/L exams, now continue to use it to learn English.”

“We introduced Shilpa Sayura with an e-Card membership system charging Rs. 300 per year from Students. Sometimes teachers from nearby school came with student groups to conduct lessons using Shilpa Sayura content” said Jayantha, The Nenasala Operator from Panamure, famous for Maduwanwela Walawwa and Ancient Wild Elephant Keep.

Keerthi, Operator from Udawalawe Nenasala also spoke and said “We used Shilpa Sayura for 8 months, we need additional technical assistance”

“Shilpa Sayura 2.0 is the process of transformation of Shilpa Sayura to a Social Enterprise, in order to sustain through revenue generation for a social objective” said Niranjan Meegammana while proposing to form Shilpa Sayura Foundation.

The core objective of the Shilpa Sayura Foundation is to serve marginalized rur