Shilpa Sayura Project Completes the Pilot Run

19th November 2007

Shilpa Sayura the i4D Award Winner for Digital Learning has completed the pilot project running one year in 26 Nenasala Tele Catheters and 10 Tele centers in Sri Lanka. Shilpa Sayura is a Local Language Digital Learning System providing self Learning for Handicapped Rural Students who lack teachers and educational resources.

The Pilot Project funded by ICTA e-SDI grant completed its first year of running. "After a year of operation we have truly looked in to success as well as failures factors in the project, Many tele centers have shown remarkable progress transforming Children in to digital self learning, in some other we have to do more capacity building and content base has to be expanded due to increased demand" Says Niranjan Meegammana the Project Director of Shilpa Sayura.

The CEO of e fusion Gamini Pathirana commending on the progress of Shilpa Sayura says "We dedicated last year maximum of our resources to develop Shilpa Sayura, It has given us great results winning i4D as well as creating a demand, now we focus on setting up an own entity as more people have got involved from the community" Shilpa Sayura with its success wish to hold a stakeholder and media forum on 29th November to plan its future with participative development. Several government Officials, Educators, Professional, Teachers, Students, Parents and Media will take part this event. "We want to open up for community to decide the path of Shilpa Sayura,

its there contribution made Shilpa Sayura a success story in 26 Villages, Now we want to replicate in 400 villages with community, corporate CSR assistance. We all believe we can change the way rural communities learn, despite lack of Resources, Digital Self Learning is an innovative way for knowledge acquisition, sharing and distribution, its a formal informal mechanism built on tale center infrastructures" Niranjan Meegammana further added.

Winning i4D is a proof that this home grown solution is innovatively addressing a burning global problem in rural education.