Shilpa Sayura Content Map Reviewed by Teachers

19th November 2007

Shilpa Sayura content map was created by us analyzing Grade 6- 11 NIE (National Institute of Education) Syllabus. 8 core teachers and project team worked on each subjct to prepare over 200 page content map covering 8 Subjects

Science, Math, Social Studies (History, Geography and Citizen Training), Sinhala, Art, Dance, Music and Envioronment Subjects.

The content map was reviewed by 20 Teachers of Swarnamalee Collage, and professionals in education.

The content map was prepared are future road map to Shilpa Sayura. As a continuing project Shilpa Sayura plan to align its content and self learning system to meet National Educational Syllabus.

The content Map was first mile stone for the first grant payment of Rs 500,000/=. Althogh the Content Map creation took a major effort, we belive that it was a worthwile effort as it made us a good plan and gave a good direction to the project.

We should appreciate the role of Process Consultant who actually included the content map which was not in the original project proposal.

Math – 752 Units
The content cover from the basics of Mathematics to Advanced topics, including areas of number, shapes, solids, equations, patterns and other math concepts as a gradually deepening content with each grade. Provides content supported with diagrams, photos, animations, interactive java applets to increase understanding of Math theory and techniques.

Environment – 309 Units
The environment content covers Grade 6 and deepens the sections in geography in social Studies and Science subjects. Additional content provided to educated rural communities on the value of environment resources of water, animal, bird and plant life. The content includes text, photos, audios as well as video clips to enhance learning experience.

Sinhala - 991 Units
Sinhala content include reading texts, picture, audio and video clip Resources. The content also include recommended reading material extracts, Specified folk poems and songs which will improve language skills and its use in Art and Literature.

Social Studies - 995 Units
2006 New Syllabus divides Social Studies into 3 subjects as Citizen Training, History and Geography. The History and Citizen Training expands to more depth than previous social studies content. The content map provides all three subjects as one which is ‘Social Studies.’
The content will include Text, Images, Diagrams, Audio and Video related to the topic.

Art - 700 Units
Provides Study Text, Photos of Ancient and Modern Art, Photos for recommended drawings and paintings was included as object references. Provides Training Material for improving painting and drawing techniques with pastel, color pencil and water color Mediums.

Dancing - 1543 Units (Kandyan, Sabaragamu and Southern)
The NIE Syllabus covers all the three styles with option for the student to select.
Content Includes Theory and Dancing Music, notations and Song Audio Samples. The content map provides all three in an integrated form to understand variations in theory in other two forms too.

Music- 995 Units
Covers basics of Music Theory in text, diagrams and audio resources coving local folk music, Ragadahari Music and western music. Include learning resources and sound samples for specified musical instruments. Photo, Audio, Video Samples included for leaning and practice. Vocal training audio tracks included to improve music skills.

O/L Exam Testing Facility
This is a multiple choice testing facility that covers past O/L exam questions and Answers for self testing and improve the student in preparation for exams. Past 3 -5 Year questions are to be included for testing and reference.

Catering for Syllabus and Subject Scope Changes
The initially proposed total content for Sinhala, Art, Dance, Music and Social Studies is based on the 2004 syllabus. At the award of the project, the subjects of Science and Math were included as to be 25% of the total content. The deepening of Social studies subject dividing into three subjects, increased the Total Content Body required for O/L. In Dancing student require to seelct one of the three styles on personal choice. However it requires project to cover of all three dancing styles.

Total Content Body
The actual requirement has increased the actual subject areas to 12. Hence the total content required has increased to 7004 units. The Testing content for the above subjects also considered an important requirement and estimated to be 950 Units. Therefore we estimate the total content body to be 8000 units. During the pilot project 4000 Units are targeted. Rest of the content is planned during the replication stage.

The content map version 2.2 is presented is based on 2006 O/L Syllabus. The content development intends to be a continuing process which requires aligning to new syllabus changes. The content map will be updated with time to time with new content.

Content Map Review
The content map was peer reviewed by a team of Teachers who serve as resource persons for the project. Based on the review content map was improved from version 2.0 to 2.2. The list of teachers and signatures attached.

Content Map Review Team
1 Niranjan Meegammana ICT Professional - BCS CMAP Production
2 Yamuna Ratnayaka Teacher - (ICT/English) Semp Center Mgr Cordination, Science
3 Samudra Hettiarchchi Teacher - BA, Post Grad Diploma (Edu) Sinhala
4 Geetharangi Dissanayaka Teacher – BA (Sp) Post Grad Diploma (Edu) Sinhala
5 P L A Samalatha Teacher - BA, Post Grad Diploma (Edu) Sinhala
6 Thusitha Hewage Teacher - BA , Post Grad Diploma (Edu) Environment
7 Hema Samarakoon Teacher – Dancing Trained Dancing
8 S W Jayaratna Teacher – BA, Post Grad Diploma (Edu) Social Science
9 N R Ethipola Teacher – BA, Post Grad Diploma (Edu) Social Science
10 Himali Gamage Teacher – BA, Post Grad Diploma (Edu) Dancing
11 K K Nishsanka Teacher - BA, Post Gr