Story Of the Shilpa Sayura Project

19th November 2007

e fusion Team has pioneered Creating Sri Lankan Internet Communities around using local languages. We felt the need to sinhala educational content, a project was formulated to create a large content base, which involved making 20000 photographs, 20 video tours and writing educational content.
We also started researching educational tools and methods and content creation process continued as a free time work.

ICTA e-SDI Participation by e fusion (2004-2006+)
e fusion founder Niranjan Meegammana was invited when ICTA e-Society Focus Group was formulated. It was a good experience to share information and work towards and information empowered society. e fusion also contributed with its ideas in the focus groups with regards to Content Needs in rural communities.

eSDI Partnership Assistance Program (2005)
Under e Sri Lanka Initiative world bank loan was given to GOSL for implementing a ICT based content projects under e-SDI. The selection process was transparent and partnership expression of interest was called by ICTA. The Partnership Assistance grant was a Rs. 5 million. Compared to many other grants the PAP grant was a considerbly hi in sum. As well as it encouraged replication of the project.

e-SDI PAP Expression of Interest (2005)
Buy that time e fusion had communicated with Ministry of Education SEMP project to explore possibilities in SEMP for a content project. The communications and study of Nenasala Model, e fusion designed an innovative project to improve rural student educational standards while increasing the utilization of Nenasala and School Resources. The expression of interest had also an objective to create Local Indegenous Knowledge content in Art, Dance and Sinhala Music. Sinhala and Social Studies were other two subjects planned. The expression of Interest was selected to submit a project proposal which was a competive selection proces. The Project was designed to be implemented as a pilot in Matara Hambantota and Monaragala District 20 locations.

e-SDI Shipa Sayura Project Formulation (September 2005)
During the Project proposal we re modeled the project to suit e-SDI theme and planned the project giving more emphasize to strengthen Nenasala, Self Learning and replication. Content, Local Language Content Management System, Content Marketing Model was build. We setup a Teachers Group in Kandy who wish to contibute their knowledge for content. Communication made with several schools also made their interest in project participation.

Receipt of e-SDI Grant (February 2006)
Shilpa Sayura was Selected by ICT e-SDI Grant Board to Award the First Grant. On the advice of the Grant Board, Maths and Science was added to make the no of Subjects are 8. His Excellancy the President Mahinda Rajapaksa awarded the Grant in a Ceramony organized by ICTA. The grant received by e fusion was highly appreciated by ICT community and many people volunteered to assist in the project.

Implementation of the Project tookpalce since then learning dyanmically and changing to fullfill the needs of the rural community.

Niranjan Meegammana