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ශිල්ප සයුර ගැන උදචු අප අමතන්න කළමණාකරු සංස්කාරක
 Shilpa Sayura initiates Girls in Technology initiative
 Shilpa Sayura AlgoHack reaches Rural Children
 Mobile Broker will change how rural SMEs do Business
 Shilpa64 Innovates Disaster Response at Angle Hack 2017
 Algohack Empowers Rural ICT Teachers - Stories from Ground
 AlgoHack releases CS for Young People Curriculum
 Google RISE Award for Shilpa Sayura Foundation
 Team Shilpa64 wins big at Code Ultimatum
 Team Shilpa64 wins TADHACK for Walking School
 UNICEF support help youth transcending to the future
 appSMART Celebrates World Youth Day in Colombo
 Digital Academy for AppSMART 2015
 Shilpa Sayura initiates SLIS Dream
 Sri Lankan Youth Media Creation reach Adobe Aspire Award Finals
 Shilpa Sayura Youth Short Film reaches Top 10 in World Competition
 Shilpa Sayura helps bring youth together to work on a common cause
 Shilpa Sayura Youth Development : A Case of Women Empowerment
 Sri Lanka Youth reach Finals of Adobe Aspire Awards 2014
 Igniting Creative Confidence Through Adobe Youth Voices Scholarships
 Shilpa Sayura Releases Civic Media Curriculum for Youth

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