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Shilpa Sayura AlgoHack reaches Rural Children

AlgoHack and CS first reaches Rural Children Shilpa Sayura Completing AlgoHack content for computer science and programming added Google CS-First into build a complete jump start Computer Science, coding and algorithms skills development through programming.

Test programs conducted at Ranabima Royal Collage, Kengalle Maha Vidyalaya, Nugawela Central Collage and Debarawewa Central Collage including several other schools were highly effective in motivating students jump start coding with scratch and python.

The Ganidu coding startup tool developped by AlgoHack, has gone viral as first learning resource used by Teachers. Mrs. Chandrangani Jayasinghe, Senior ICT teacher said "I use ganidu for introducing coding at grade 6. Because it is in Sinhala children like it". This proves importance of use of local language tools and content to effective engage young people in programming.

Ganidu Coding Tool http://shilpa64.lk/apps/ganidu/ 

AlgoHack adding it as an extracurricular activity supporting National Education to develop Logical Thinking, Systematic Reasoning and Creativity among young children.


Currently National Education of ICT starts at grade 10 as a selective subject. Less than 20% are choosing ICT although facilities are available for 40% or more. Our research found that Urban schools lack ICT resources to cater demand, while semi urban schools lack students selecting ICT. Most rural schools lack teachers and labs. In general most teachers lack programming skills and awareness of tools. Lack of internet access is a major issue hence AlgoHack offline content and tools DVD helps them. Sharing Knowledge and content over social media has become very effective in reaching rural schools island wide. Shilpa Sayura uses social networks effectively in reaching masses.

Shilpa Sayura plans to develop multi stakeholder partnerships to upscale AlgoHack to make Sri Lanka an ICT innovation hub . 

Shilpa Sayura work on Facebook

Niranjan Meegammana
Program Director

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