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Shilpa Sayura to be Honored at Stockholm 2008

Shilpa Sayura Project the Winner of The Stockholm Challenge GKP 2007 Award in Education Sector will be honored again at Stockholm Challange 2008, during the main Stockholm Challenge Awards ceremony in the Blue Hall in the City Hall of Stockholm, Sweden on May 22, 2008.

The 3rd Global Knowledge Conference, An Event On The Future (GK3) took place in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, and the finalists of the Stockholm Challenge GKP Awards 2007 were celebrated at a beatuiful Awards Ceremony during GK3 on December 12.

The winners have also been sponsored by GKP to go to Stockholm Challenge in May 2008 where they will be honoured again, during the main Stockholm Challenge Awards ceremony, said the Challenge Organizors.

source : Stockholm Challenge News

The Stockholm challange Award Criteria

The Stockholm Challenge Awards 2008 runs in four categories of Education, Culture, Economic Development and Public Administration and are open to all projects that can match the specific criteria for this award. The full criteria for the Stockholm Challenge Award are as following:
Promote democratic governance and give users influence over and a measure of control of the services delivered by the project.

Equal Opportunity
Equality regardless of gender, origin, age, physical or mental disabilities.

Economic survivability, stakeholder support and environmental and social responsibility.

Demonstrable effects on the project target groups and positive changes over time.

Local initiatives, ownership and innovation in providing services and products to target groups

Inspiration and transferability
Replicable ways of using ICT that inspire others to adopt similar solutions

Background of Stockholm Challenge 2008 and GKP Awards 2007
The Stockholm Challenge GKP Awards 2007 is a parallel initiative to the Stockholm Challenge 2008. The prizes in the new award have been designed for projects that demonstrate exemplary and innovative Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships in four Stockholm Challenge Award categories: Education, Culture, Economic Development and Public Administration.

The Stockholm Challenge GKP Awards 2007 is a collaboration between the Stockholm Challenge and Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP). The joint awards reflect the complementary interests and strengths of both organisations as important platforms for the global promotion of Knowledge for Development (K4D) and ICT for Development (ICT4D).

The aims of the GKP initiative have been:

To encourage, identify, analyse and profile innovation and excellence in K4D and ICT4D, with a special focus on multi-stakeholder partnerships.

To increase learning, collaborative and partnership opportunities by profiling the activities of selected organisations based on merit.

To raise awareness for the multi-stakeholder dimension in knowledge for development (K4D) and information and communications technologies for development (ICT4D) by showcasing concrete examples to facilitate greater learning.

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