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Shilpa Sayura Foundation initiates Children in the Floods Initiative

Gamini Pathirana
12th January 2011
Kandy, Sri Lanka

Expanding its social mission and scope, Shilpa Sayura Foundation initiated children in the floods initiative responding to the appeal by the government for public to help flood victims of the torrential rains and strong winds which lashed Sri Lanka country in the past few days.




Shilpa Sayura Foundation made this initiative to help the children affected by the floods 2011 January. "We are focusing on children as we think they are the most vulnerable group in disasters." said Yamuna Rathnayake, President of Shilpa Sayura Foundation.

News sources report that the floods and earth slips have displaced over 830,000 people in the Eastern, North central and Central provinces and destroyed over 132,000 acres of agriculture land. Government announced that there are over 800,000 flood victims needing drinking water, clothing, mats and milk food for the children.

“The objective of the Children in the Floods Initiative is to visit flood locations, identitify and report the problems an issues faced by victims, as well as to network relief efforts and help volunteers and social organizations working on the filed” said Anil Withanage, the community support coordinator for the initiative.

Niranjan Meegammana, Project Director of Shilpa Sayura said "This is a long standing need that we are trying to serve. Our country quite often faces floodso, we need to develop a social network for disaster response. ICT can help in dissaster response in a big way". "Social Media, Facebook, Blogging can change the way we approch dissaster communication and relief" he added.
Children In The Floods initiative is an open platform for disaster response, and Shilpa Sayura Foundation invites all social workers and interested persons to join hands with the initiative to help the chidren who have been affected by the floods.

The initiative has created a web site at http://childreninthefloods.blogspot.com and a field team was sent to obtain information from the ground.

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