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Shilpa Sayura initiates SLIS Dream

Shilpa Sayura lunched Sri Lanka ICT Student Society (SLIS) initiative on 4th July 2015 starting to develop group of ICT students of Ranabima Royal College. The project currently at infant stage aims to reach Island wide ICT students community to introduce Green ICT practices, advanced mobile and web technology. Shilpa Sayura is collaborating with 2015 Global GSM Award winner Dialog Ideamart, ISOC Sri Lanka, Kaputa.lk and YES Film School to develop a hybrid youth development project that will involve ICT, Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship disciplines. The youth technology skills development aims to reach rural masses with local language mobile technologies and information services.

“We are seeing next generation mobile and web technologies emerging these days. We see a paradigm shift is coming like in 2000. It definitely requires new breed of technologists. It’s difficult to re-train old programmers who are stuck in structured or object oriented concepts and resistive beliefs to work on desktops. The world is becoming mobile. Considering long term national development, best option we have is create a new hybrid group of young people who will start on a new innovation platform” Project Director Niranjan Meegammana said.

SLIS project has been build on Adobe Youth Voices and UNHABITAT YES programs which made huge national and international success for creative media. The youth trained in digital media creation resulted developing a new breed of young film makers and animators. Their creations won Adobe Aspire Award, World Youth Services Award, Microsoft Youth Solutions Award, Adobe UNICEF Challenge and Adobe creative scholarships. UNICEF, Microsoft and Autodesk is supporting Shilpa Sayura in AYV and YES programs.

“Mobiles have changed the way we live, and it continue to change our society for good, but there is a major gap in information services to mass community in local language. Some people have tried to bridge this gap. The solutions not yet been able to impact masses. In 2000 we made it happen with internet with kaputa.com localization initiatives. Now we want to do it on the mobile domain”, Niranjan added. Niranjan Meegammmana a pioneer in Sri Lanka for developing local language technologies and services. He was recentky awarded “Pioneer on Internet – e Services” award by Internet Society of Sri Lanka. He has been a major influence on youth inspiration on technology.

The SLIS initiative aims to train ICT, media and art talented youth to become future techno pruners in the mobile market place is the big idea of Shilpa Sayura, which innovated rural education by developing local language e learning at Nenasala Telecentres. SLIS paints a rainbow in distant horizon, aims to become a market changing initiate like kaputa.com, shilpasayura and YES initiatives master minded by innovator Niranjan Meegammana.

"Yasas Pasindu is a highly talented youth from Ranabima Royal College, kandy. He inspired me showing his talents to start this initiative. To me, he looked like a Mark Zukerberg, the inventor of facebook, but without the support and guidance to reach his best potential. There are lots of such youth in Sri Lanka. They have a great potential but lack recognition, access to networks and learning opportunities to develop their full potential. He was 3rd in National Olympiad, but only few knew he existed. We want to create a new platform for them to learn trending mobile technologies and facilitate collaboration with other youth to create mobile technology social ventures. Already many people are supporting our idea" Niranjan added.

Shilpa Sayura is one of prominent technology based non-profits in South Asia, founded by the stakeholders of Shilpa Sayura e Learning initiative funded by ICTA e Sri Lanka programme in 2006. Since then dedicated in developing rural Telecasters and e education of youth. Shilpa Sayura is now planning a major leap on youth development with SLIS initiative.

Many people see dreams. They are forgotten next morning or in a week. But some dreams seen by some people comes true, because they keep on seeing the same dream day and night.

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