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Shilpa64 Innovates Disaster Response at Angle Hack 2017

Team Shilpa64 gained recognition for innovating IoT into disaster response. The Rain-catcher solution introduces global weather industry a new localized weather model based on sky observation and weather data from telco towers to help predict for people. It can be used in day to day life and disaster response including government, business and scientific needs.

The solution works with a A 5MP rotating camera, controlled by Raspberry Pi obtaining 12 photographs around vertical and horizontal axis to create a 3D model of sky combined with local weather data and global predictions.

This hyper local weather model shall provide a near real time 3D view of the sky around Telco towers to better predict weather.

Angle hack 2017 organised by ideamart with Angle Hack global is one of the most competitive Hakathons in the World (http://angelhack.com). The participants are challenged to push their limits to think, build and code an innovation in 30 hours that can be funded and ups-scaled by Angle Hack.

Speaking about Hackathon "Hackathons are like innovation boiler plates, we compete with our self first, we start thinking differently and come out with an idea to code. At the end we have developed new skills,  new product and more friends. I like that " said to Niranjan Meegammana, Team Leader who master minded the rain-catecher idea.

Vishva Kumara the chief Technologist said "I am so happy, during 30 hours I explored several areas of IoT and was able to code the IoT camera and communications between telco and central server." 

Demo http://sky.info.lk
Project: http://www.hackathon.io/rain-catcher

Gamini Pathirana
Salalihini News

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